Greenville Museum of Art

Photograph courtesy of the Greenville Museum of Art

2020 is a year of many different challenges — the pandemic, lockdowns, economic turmoil and political and social disorder.

Mental health is affected by all of that and more.

The Greenville Museum of Art is bringing more awareness to that issue through a new exhibit. It’s called “The Healing Through Art, Mental Health Awareness Exhibit,” and opens Friday.

“The mental health awareness show has everything to do with mental health, healing, expression, recovery. It gives a platform for artists of all ages,” said Darlene Williams, who helped make the exhibit happen.

In the Greenville presentation, you’ll find the creations of James Nelson. There’s one part of Nelson’s life that reflected his struggle — his art. His creations are now on display among other works all from people who’ve had their own struggles.

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