Anacostia Community Museum

Photograph courtesy of the Anacostia Community Museum

In all of Ward 8, there is only one grocery store—which serves 85,000 residents. That kind of inequality is addressed in the Anacostia Community Museum‘s new outdoor art exhibit, Food for the People: Eating and Activism in Greater Washington. “The DC area faces food justice issues, particularly around food insecurity and related issues like access to grocery stores and affordable, healthy food,” said Samir Meghelli, chief curator of the Anacostia Community Museum. “Particularly, where we are in Ward 8 faces one of the greatest inequities around food access.”

At the beginning of the exhibit, visitors are greeted with a huge red fork, alongside a question: “What is food justice?” Answers are provided on a series of towers that describe the life cycle of food, where it comes from, who’s responsible for it, where waste goes, and the impact of food on our collective public health.

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