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Dorothy Walker, Freedom Rides Museum

Dorothy Walker serves as Site Director of the Freedom Rides Museum, an Alabama Historical Commission historic site at the former […]

Maine Maritime Museum

Maine Maritime Museum in Bath will open a new exhibit Thursday, “Cotton Town: Maine’s Economic Connections to Slavery” that reveals […]

The National WWII Museum

Today, December 7, marks the eightieth anniversary of the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into World War […]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The magic and splendor of Walt Disney Animation Studios, from the opulence of Beauty and the Beast to the stylized forests of Sleeping Beauty, […]

Peoria Riverfront Museum

A new exhibit at the Peoria Riverfront Museum is giving access to unique art, while raising funds for Beirut. The […]

Missouri History Museum

Performer. Dancer. World War II spy. St. Louisan.  Josephine Baker holds many titles. Now, she’s the first Black woman, and […]