NC Maritime Museum at Southport

Photograph courtesy of the NC Maritime Museum at Southport

People who experience sensory problems with things like loud noises or bright lights now have a way to fully enjoy the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport.  The museum is offering new initiatives to make all visitors as comfortable as possible.

One of those initiatives is the sensory backpack program.  A visitor can borrow a backpack filled with soft stuffed animals, sunglasses, noise cancelling headphones, magnifying sheets, and other items to make the visit more pleasant for someone whose senses can be over-stimulated. The packs are sanitized after each use.

Another addition is the “Admiral’s Quarters” sensory calm-down room, scheduled to open July 1. The room will offer a quiet calm space to help visitors center themselves, and self-regulate their emotions.  Use of the room is free of charge and open to all visitors during operating hours.  Items inside the room will be cleaned between uses.

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