World Chess Hall of Fame

Photograph courtesy of the World Chess Hall of Fame

The stalemate lasted through June, when the doors to the World Chess Hall of Fame could open again.

It closed in March due to the pandemic, but in the meantime, workers set up plexiglass dividers, smoothed social distancing stickers onto the floor, hosted online events and acquired a temperature-checking robot affectionately named Robbie.

Three new exhibitions were also set up, which tell a variety of stories from the world of chess.

On Aug. 28, the World Chess Hall of Fame will host a live reception and tours of the exhibits, with another reception Sept. 4. All will be supplemented with virtual tours. The exhibits were originally scheduled to debut in May.

“Cultural institutions are so important and are really good for you mentally and really wonderful means of entertainment,” says chief curator Shannon Bailey. “So when things are really stressful and sad in real life, it’s a really nice and safe way to come escape.”

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