Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Artwork courtesy of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is launching a group exhibition this month in the Arlene Schnitzer Gallery featuring artwork generated by recipients of the museum’s Black Lives Artist Grant Program awards.

Focusing on social justice themes such as marginalized communities, systemic racism and inequality, original artwork created by 20 emerging young artists from Ashland, Bend and the Eugene area, including several by UO students, will be on display. The artwork represents a range of mediums, from drawings, paintings, video and performance to photography, installations, sculpture and digital art.

“There is a vitality and urgency to the works we’ll be presenting, and a wide range of moods, visual strategies and voices,” said John Weber, executive director of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. “We are gratified to be presenting these artists and this art as we continue long-term work to dismantle the legacies of white supremacy and create a more just society.”

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