The Broad Museum

Photograph courtesy of the Broad Museum

After more than a year of being closed, the Broad Museum is about to open its doors. When the museum closed for the pandemic 14 months ago, its director thought it was closing for 14 days.

Its reopening later this month follows the untimely passing of founder and philanthropist Eli Broad.

Broad founding director Joanne Heyler points out Mark Bradford’s monumental painting, “Deep Blue,” the last artwork Broad acquired after visiting the L.A. artist’s studio.

There was no question the museum would reopen May 26 as planned.

“I feel very strongly that he would want us to open as planned, to throw open the doors of this museum, fulfill our mission, in the way we were designed to do,” Heyler said. “It is by bringing people into the building to experience the art in person and be part of the healing.”

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