The Philbrook Museum

Photograph courtesy of the Philbrook Museum

The Philbrook Museum is addressing Oklahoma’s history of racism. Through its new series, with partners including Tri-City Collective, Fulton Street Books and Coffee, and The Black Wall St Times, and featuring multiple galleries, the Philbrook is taking on historical trauma, today’s racist policies, and the future of the United States.

“From the Limitations of Now,” inspired by Oklahoma author Ralph Ellison, begins with a large green American flag, a nod to civil rights hero John Lewis, who inspired millions as a political organizer of the past, present and future of America. Mr. Lewis was an optimist about the direction of our country, according to Philbrook curator Sara O’Keeffe, even as he knew he would not live to see all the changes.

The Philbrook, too, has made changes since it was donated as a large estate in 1928, a gift from the Phillips family to the city of Tulsa. A combination art gallery along with flower-filled grounds accessible to all visitors, the museum boasts a focus on the artistic expression of identity.

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