Molly Brown House Museum

Photograph courtesy of the Molly Brown House Museum

The musical “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” holds an interesting spot in Colorado history. It’s something Molly Brown House Tour Guide Pam Mahonchak regularly tells visitors. 

“Not all of the listeners will remember the original movie musical, ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown,’ which debuted here in Denver in 1964 at the Aladdin Theater on East Colfax,” Mahonchak said. “I remember it — it was my very first movie that I saw in a real movie theater, not a drive-in.”

That momentous occasion stayed with Mahonchak, but it wasn’t the full story of Margaret Tobin Brown. That story was about to get a new chapter in the wake of the popular Broadway musical-turned-movie. 

“The story that it tells is not factually accurate in any way, but boy, was it popular,” she said. “I never say a bad word about that musical because it helped get this house saved six years later.”

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