Lyman Museum

Photograph courtesy of the Lyman Museum

After four years of designing, discussions and construction, the Lyman Museum in Hilo has reopened its second floor with an elaborate and modern Island Heritage Gallery.

The floor previously was home to a gallery with a similar concept, which was created in the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Although museum patrons enjoyed the second floor, the content started to become outdated.

The new exhibit tells the story of Hawaiian history and culture from the arrival of the Polynesians, through the settlement and development of what would become the Hawaiian local culture, to the end with the Hawaiian Renaissance and modern day.

“What we wanted to accomplish with this exhibit was to display the journey of Hawaiian culture through the entire arc of the history of the islands into the present day,” said Barbara Moir, president and executive director of the Lyman Museum. “It takes visitors on a multifaceted, multicultural trip through the history of the Hawaiian islands.”

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