Huntington Museum of Art

Photograph courtesy of the Huntington Museum of Art

The Huntington Museum of Art will present a new exhibit titled Craig Allen Subler: Eccentric Spaces from Jan. 30 through April 25, 2021.

Contemporary West Virginia artist Craig Allen Subler brings a unique set of experiences to his work, drawing upon his lengthy career as both a working artist and a museum administrator.

“At any one time, most museums offer a wide variety of styles of artwork from different time periods,” said HMA Senior Curator Chris Hatten in a news release. “Artist and retired museum administrator Craig Allen Subler has tapped into the psychological experience of visiting museums with the exhibition Eccentric Spaces that the Huntington Museum of Art will be presenting for the next several weeks. I think visitors to HMA will appreciate the commentary in Subler’s artwork in which the viewers become the objects being viewed.”

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