Grand Rapids Public Museum

Photograph courtesy of the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Produced by Imagine Exhibitions, the newest exhibition at the Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM), “Wild Connections” by New York artist Sean Kenney, opened Nov. 7 and features works of art made entirely from LEGO bricks. 

Consisting of over 2 million LEGO bricks, the exhibition took a team of artists, building and designing models, welding armatures as well as and a team that handled the logistics and installations of the traveling exhibitions about 15,000 hours of designing and building. GRPM Director of Marketing and Communication, Christie Bender, said the exhibition is a sight to see. 

“This exhibition is amazing in that it captures the intricacies of nature in LEGO bricks through art,” Bender said. “The combination of color and the animal and plant sculptures is phenomenal. It has you smiling as soon as you enter and you can’t wait to start exploring each to learn more.”

Not only is the exhibition visually pleasing, but it also carries an underlying message. Bender said each LEGO sculpture features a different animal species in order to stir up conversations about animal endangerment, mankind’s relationship with nature and the balancing of our ecosystems. 

“This exhibition explores the relationship between humans and nature and how everything is interconnected the way LEGO bricks are connected,” Bender said. “Visitors will leave with a better understanding of the interconnectedness and how their footprint impacts the natural world around us.”

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