The DoSeum

Photograph courtesy of The DoSeum

The DoSeum, San Antonio’s children’s museum, has announced a new exhibit and an online lecture that will take place next week to help raise awareness and celebrate children’s learning differences.

The two events are designed to encourage the community to reflect on attitudes and assumptions about individuals who learn differently and inspire an inclusive society.

The exhibit “Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage” will open on Saturday, Oct. 10 to show families what dyslexia really is and some of the challenges associated with dyslexia.

A press release said guests will get to play spatial and word games and learn about how the right and left sides of the brain are engaged. An oversized tile spelling game, color block puzzles, and digital interactive educational games also offer unique learning opportunities for all ages.

“The exhibit’s appeal spans communities from learners, caregivers and educators,” said Dan Menelly, CEO of The DoSeum. “The DoSeum’s presentation of ‘Beautiful Minds’ is an expression of our deep interest in the uniqueness of each learner’s profile.”

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