Kennedy Museum of Art

Photograph courtesy of the Kennedy Museum of Art

For the 2020 Fall Semester, Ohio University’s Kennedy Museum of Art has gone live online through the KMA Virtual Portal. 

The KMA Virtual Portal offers a safer option for visitors to access the Kennedy Museum of Art’s collections without visiting the museum in person.

According to the KMA website, the museum is “an integral part of the educational, research, and public service missions of Ohio University.” The art museum, which offers national and international exhibitions, collection-based research and diverse formal and informal learning opportunities, is housed in the Ridges and has been providing art education opportunities to students and Athens locals for years. The virtual portal is meant to create even more accessible options for people to learn about the KMA and the collections it offers.

Sally Delgado, the curator of education at the Kennedy Museum of Art, has worked closely this year with two graduate and five undergraduate student interns from OU to facilitate the experience of the museum as an educational resource. With the help of her team of interns and various other members within and outside of OU, the KMA Virtual Portal was compiled over the summer with four main sections: virtual exhibitions and tours, remote teaching resources, family-friendly activities and collections.

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